Wisdom Teeth Removal

We will always try our best to save your tooth, but in some cases a tooth extraction is the best solution for you, even though your tooth might look perfectly fine on the outside. It may have severe cavities or damages on the inside, which can make the tooth not structurally sound enough for another solution and can cause a lot of pain in the future when ignored

–  If you are facing a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth extractions, you can rest assured Keilor-East Dental smiles dentist will talk you through the procedure in detail to make sure you are comfortable with the procedure.

– Tooth extractions are a relatively invasive procedure that includes removing a tooth from its socket. This treatment is mostly common for the removal of wisdom teeth, but is also a simple extraction to remove teeth from the mouth that are badly damaged. The need for a tooth extraction can be the result of:
  • severe gum disease
  • deep infection of a tooth
  • a broken tooth
– On your first day after the tooth extraction, the most critical part of the aftercare is to let the blood clot form. Especially within the first 1 or 2 days after your wisdom teeth removal, it is important to rest and more importantly: to take extra care for your newly injured gums. You mustn’t rinse your mouth, spit or use a straw. This prevents the blood clot from forming and raises the risk of dry socket.

Even before the wisdom teeth removal procedure, the dentist will clarify why there may be some discomfort around the extraction site in the mouth. Following the dental procedure, you will be given pain relievers like ibuprofen to lessen the pain after anesthesia works out. If you can’t handle the pain, call our clinic, and we’ll gladly help you. To help you completely recover after your tooth extractions, here are some Dos and Don’ts:

  • DO drink plenty of liquids
  • DO eat soft foods
  • DO brush teeth gently
  • DON’T use a straw
  • DON’T drink hot liquids
  • DON’T brush in the extracted area
  • DON’T use toothpaste
  • DON’T smoke