Initial Consultation

Good health starts with a healthy teeth. There is an increase in evidence that oral diseases can worsen general health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and even pregnancy problems. Thus, a regular comprehensive dental checkup is crucial in detecting problems at its early stage.

A routine dental checkup is done normally every six months unless instructed differently by the dentist. It is a thorough dental examination whether you still have teeth or not, and with or without the presence of discomfort or pain. The comprehensive dental examination aims to detect early signs of tooth decay and other oral diseases such as gum problems and oral cancer. If we can diagnose a dental problem at its early stage, then we can attend to it before it becomes a more serious condition, which could cost more to treat, and more painful for you.

The dentist will examine not just your teeth, but also your gums and other structures inside your mouth, your jaw and your airway. We will also take X-rays to check the depth of your cavities, condition of your bone, and detect specific oral pathologies or problems.